Residential Landscaping


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Atkinson offers a variety of installation and construction services. These services can be divided into two categories. Hardscaping services and Softscaping services. Hardscaping covers most of our construction services such as patios and retaining walls. Softscaping covers our installation services such as mulch or river rock projects, but other services such as sod, planting, and property cleanups fall under the softscape umbrella as well. 

In our industry, it is rare for companies to be transparent about pricing, but we believe that by sharing cost information, we will earn the trust of our clients, employees, and the community we work in. We value trust, and we want our customers to be well informed to determine if Atkinson is the right company for them.

Pavers, Slabs, and Flagstone

Open up some space in your yard with a new patio or patio extension. Low maintenance and looks great. Have friends and family over for outdoor get togethers, or sit back and relax in your private patio space. We build professional patios and walkways in your choice of stone, colour and pattern.

Allan Block and Wood Tie Walls

Add structure and support to your landscaping. Raise lawns and garden beds. Level areas to increase usability. An impressive retaining wall can really make a statement and add a ton of value to your property's curb appeal. You'll be amazed the change a new retaining wall can make.

Top Quality with a 10 year guarentee

Some yards just aren't meant for real grass. Lucky for you modern artificial grass can look just as good if not better year round. Throw your lawn mower away and rest assured you'll never need to cut another lawn again! Pet friendly and no more muddy paws. We install grass in either pro, elite, or premium grades of high quality artificial grass. 

Stack Stone, basalt, and wood ties

Raised gardens create a focal points in your landscape design. They give your gardens more depth allowing more quality soil for your plants to grow in. More soil means more nutrients and stronger root growth. Besides the aesthetic qualities of the wall itself, it will also produce healthier plants with more blooms.

Planter Boxes, Steps and Retention

Wood designs can offer a softer more natural look to your yard. Built with pressure treated lumber to protect from the elements so you can enjoy your improvements for years to come. We can build new woodworking projects from scratch or replace pre existing woodworking that has started to rot away and fail.

Fresh, thick, high seed count sod

Great option for lawns that have been overrun by weeds or pests. Bringing an unhealthy lawn back from the brink can be a costly and very long process. Sod gives you that instant, lush green lawn that you'll be chasing the neighbourhood kids off of for years to come!

Garden Design and Planting

Add some colour and life to your yard. Meet with a professional to discuss planting arrangements and strategies. We'll help guide you on the perfect look for your garden. Then you just add water, sit back and watch it bloom. Mulch installations available too so you won't have to worry about weeds.

Cedars, Yews, Laurels and stand alone Trees

Privacy hedges to create a secluded backyard. Your choice from a variety of hedge plants to fit your vision. Plant your hedge in a raised planter box to instantly increase the privacy height. Large canopy trees can also provide seasonal privacy and shade when you need it most.

1 inch, 2 inch and 2"-6" washed river rock

River rock can add a little more texture and colour to a landscape in need. Mitigate areas with poor drainage and add a few stepping stones so you can access your yard year round. Plants and shrubs can be planted within to create a low maintenance garden that really stands out!

Seasonal Cleanups and yard upkeep

Have your full property taken care of quickly and efficiently. Bundle cleanup efforts with hedge trimming in the spring and fall for that crisp looking finish. Winter cleanups and plant winterization to keep your gardens looking pristine through the holidays, and plants healthy and ready for spring.