Synthetic Grass Pricing

The price of synthetic grass will vary due to different factors. Many of our synthetic grass installations are under 500 square feet. Depending on the project, most installations will cost between $12 – $15 per square foot. Some of the factors that determine this price are as follows:

Access – Synthetic grass requires a 4-6-inch base of crushed gravel. Poor access will increase the labour time moving the materials in for the project.

Waste – Synthetic grass rolls come premade in 15-foot widths. Depending on the size and layout of the project there is often wasted materials leading to increased costs.

Type of the Existing Material/Excavation – If the existing material is a heavy hard packed clay, additional labour time or machine time will be needed to remove it.

Project Pricing: Synthetic Grass #1

This project required us to install a wood wall to level the backyard prior to installing the grass which is a very common situation. The lawn area is approximately 420 square feet.

Project Budget

The overall cost of this project was $7,295. The synthetic grass portion cost approximately $5,500.

Project Pricing: Synthetic Grass #2

This project is approximately 350 square feet. The site had poor access but had a very simple excavation.

Project Budget

The overall budget for the patio was just under $4,000.