Residential Services

Atkinson was founded on residential maintenance and it continues to be an important part of what we do. It's where we first gained our reputation for quality and detail. Personally taking care of beautiful properties throughout the valley, our maintenance teams treat every client like our first client. Our service days are consistent by default, but can be flexible if you require a change. Let's work together to create a maintenance plan that keeps your yard looking A+

In our industry, it is rare for companies to be transparent about pricing, but we believe that by sharing cost information, we will earn the trust of our clients, employees, and the community we work in. We value trust, and we want our customers to be well informed to determine if Atkinson is the right company for them.

Grass Cutting & Cleanup

two atkinson staff memebers doing residential lawn maintenance mowing and trimming

Grass cutting includes lawn mowing and line trimming. Pricing has two large determinants: the size of the property and the frequency of the cuts. Standard lot prices typically start at $57 per cut for weekly mowing, or $85 per cut bi-monthly mowing.

At the end of each visit we tidy up any mess created by the grass clippings. When the grass is green and growing, our goal is to have you step outside and think, WOW! 

Premium Lawn Health Package

a beautiful lawn that was been taken care of with lawn treatments

For mowing clients we also can offer a premium lawn health package add-on. With Premium Lawn Health, we will schedule 8 annual applications and treatments to help maintain a healthy lawn. Premium Lawn Health includes the following:

  • Winter lime application to balance the pH 
  • Late Winter core aeration to promote health root growth come spring
  • Early spring moss control to give your grass the upper hand
  • 4 seasonal fertilizer applications to give your lawn that lush green look (spring, early summer, late summer, and fall)
  • Late spring Fiesta weed application so your grass can fill in before the summer heat

Pricing for Premium Lawn Health can vary greatly depending on the size of the lawn. Our lawn health system may not do well on extremely unhealthy lawns. This package is more meant as an upkeep package. The applications during this service are meant to maintain a healthy lawn, not to cure a struggling lawn. Our Premium Lawn Health Package is best practices applied, but still may not be able to overcome all conditions. Some of the greatest factors that affect healthy grass growth are environmental; such as shade, sun, water, and earth type. If conditions are not suitable then no amount of care can change that. 

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