Retaining Wall Pricing

There are many factors that determine the price of a retaining wall. Walls installed by us are usually under 4 feet in height. Typically, these walls cost around $45 – $60 per square foot of wall. For example, if the wall is 2 feet tall and 50 feet long there would be 100 square feet (2’x50’) costing roughly $4,500 – $6,000. Some of the factors that determine the cost are as follow:

Grade Changes (Slope) – If the wall is running along a sloped area, the wall may need “step ups” to follow the height change. These “Step ups” add to both labour and materials.

Access – Retaining walls require a 4-6-inch base of crushed gravel plus the wall blocks. Poor access will increase the labour time moving the materials in for the project.

Base Course – The Base Course (bottom row) of the wall is the timeliest to install as it needs to be perfectly level to build on. If the base course is long in comparison to the height of the wall, the cost will be increased.

Project Pricing: Retaining Wall #1

This wall is in a front yard separating two neighbours on a sloped street. The project had good access but was technically challenging due to the height changes. The wall is roughly 20 feet long and ranges in height from 1 – 2 feet.

Project Budget

The overall budget for this project was $2,850 plus GST.

Project Pricing: Retaining Wall

This is a backyard retaining wall on a relatively flat yard with poor access. The dimensions of the wall are approximately 60 feet long and 1 – 1.5 feet tall.

Project Budget

The overall budget for the project was $4,760.