Strata/Commercial Winter Services

Snow Clearing & Road Salting

Responsive snow clearing and road salting for commercial and strata properties. Langley, Surrey & Maple Ridge areas. Over the years, that's the reputation we've earned with all our returning clients. We are centrally based in Surrey, giving us great access to our winter service locations. The fleet of winter equipped vehicles will handle all your snow clearing and road salting, even on holidays. Services agreements always include snow and ice removal of municipal sidewalks, property mailbox areas as well as main entrances to communal buildings. 

Choose Atkinson to manage your property's winter needs. We have a proven track record of beating even the toughest storms. Our service team actively monitors the weather forecast for snow, ice and expected precipitation. Company wide check ins occur throughout the day and night. Team captains make sure their service trucks are safe, stocked, and ready for action. During service days, our centralized dispatch team works behind the scenes, answering calls and organizing logistics to ensure every property is safe and accessible. When days get crazy with back to back to back snow and ice, when other companies run out of steam, the Atkinson effort rallies to finish off the day as a team.

Below is a detailed overview of our winter service package

Snow Clearing and Road Salting

Our snow and salting contracts are top priority in winter months. With our fleet of trucks equipped with salters and plows, we handle snow clearing on a large scale. 

Snow services are triggered at 2cm of snowfall, and shortly after that we'll have your property streets cleared and salted. We take the liability off your plate so you can enjoy the season. Salting services are triggered when expected temperatures drop below zero, with exceptions when previous salt applications are still providing good coverage. Our winter service team actively monitors expected temperatures and precipitation. Thought goes into each salting application and our service practices are based on seasoned experience.

Snow Removal of Walkways

While the truck teams are plowing snow and salting streets, hand shoveling teams work along side them to carry out the more detailed snow clearing. Every snow clearing contract includes clearing of municipal sidewalks, property mailbox areas as well as main entrances to communal buildings. On heavy snow days these areas are cleared to a width of at least 3 feet to ensure accessibility and safety for everyone.

Pet/Bio Friendly "Ice Melt" for Walkways

Keeping your property safe and accessible throughout Winter is our mission. At the same time we look to minimize the negative effects salt has on its surroundings. We use a specially formulated "Ice Melt" for walkways and other foot traffic areas. This compound is easier on the environment as well as your furry friend's paws.

Ice Melt also has the additional benefit of being able to melt ice at colder temperatures. While standard commercial salt can only effectively melt ice down to -10 degrees, Ice Melt compounds on the other hand, can melt ice down to -20. This ensures your foot traffic walkways are safe and slip free. 

Ice melt also has a visible blue color that confirms a walkway has been serviced, adding to the confidence of any foot traffic on it. Ice Melt is applied by hand as part of every service run.

Ready For Winter?

Our snow clearing and salting crews operate in centralized areas based around Surrey, Langley, and Maple Ridge. Snow clearing and road salting services extend to other nearby municipalities such as White Rock, Aldergrove, Pitt Meadows, and others. Commercial and Strata properties only though (sorry, unfortunately we do not offer private residential winter services).

We encourage you to call and set up a service request sooner than later. Due to capacity it may be difficult to fit in additional sites while in the middle of winter storms. Give us a call or fill out the form below, we'll quickly get you a quote.

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