Why Us

Our field staff and office team work together to bring you our award winning service. From first contact you'll feel taken care of and confident that your needs are understood. We arrive dressed professionally with a friendly attitude and ready to work. Our knowledgable site foremen can answer any on site questions you have and you'll have peace of mind knowing our dedicated office staff is just a phone call away. 

Interested in how our quoting process works? We've added our step by step quote process to show you exactly how an experience with Atkinson Landscaping is made easy. Click on any of the steps 1-5 to learn more about it!

Step by Step Quote Process

1. First Contact

Your experience beings with a simple phone call or email. Phone calls are generally answered immediately while emails could take a few hours for a response (depending how busy the days is).

Our office will gather information about the type of service you're looking for. Then they will work with you to pick a suitable day for one of our estimators to visit you at a time of your choosing.


2. Estimator Visit

Our estimator arrives at your scheduled time, Ipad in hand and ready to work with you on the details. 

Once they are clear on the specifics, they will take a short on site work-video as well. This video outlines the work details discussed so both you and our team feel confident about the task at hand.

The work-video will be sent to you along with the prepared quote in the next step (example of a work-video).


3. Quote Preparation

Quote preparation is done directly by the estimator you met with so no details are missed. Depending on your needs, your quote can be broken down into separate line-items. This is great if you want to explore alternate options. Our estimator will then send the prepared quote proposal to you by email.

The email is clear and you need only accept the line-items you want to proceed with (see quote proposal example).

We encourage any back and forth dialogue needed so you get the specifics you want. Any follow up estimation visits are done free of charge if needed. We understand you may wish to modify the scope of work throughout the quote process. That's made that hassle free!


4. Scheduling

The moment you accept a quote, our office team begins the scheduling process. Depending on the type of service (one-time or ongoing), the work will be scheduled accordingly.

We can work with you to schedule days and times that fit your needs. Although please note that we do not work weekends.

Once your job has been scheduled it will be assigned to a site manager. The site manager will review the service details and assign a work team to carry it out. You'll receive an email from your site manger the week before the scheduled start day. The site manager will introduce themselves, confirm the service details and will serve as your liaison from this point on.    


5. Start

Your start day is here! Our team shows up at the scheduled time with everything they need to get started. The company trucks, blue Atkinson shirts and tan pants let you know who's arrived. Our staff is friendly and approachable.

The site foreman can answer any on site questions you have. Depending on the circumstance, the site forman may introduce themselves and the team when they arrive. 

Feel free you meet them when they arrive and discuss any particulars. The foreman receives the same work-video from the estimator as well as a detailed written work-order that outlines the service. 

From here the site forman, the site manager, and the estimator will all work together to ensure service is on track.

Guaranteed Quality Results

Get the job done the right way. We can't count the number of times we've be called in to fix the work of some other company. You'll have peace of mind that we stand behind our work and encourage our customers to share their experience.  

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