Artificial Grass Pricing

Artificial grass has been increasing in popularity year after year. It stays green in every season and never needs to be cut. It's the ideal solution for yards that struggle to grow grass. While it does cost more than seeding or sodding, it offers a guaranteed result that will last for years. Gone are the days of that old "fake grass" look. Todays artificial grass looks life-like and even feels like the real thing. Atkinson Landscaping offers a choice of 3 styles of high-grade artificial grass. Different grades are useful for different situation. 

If you want a soft type of grass suitable for frequent use, we would recommend our Pro series synthetic grass. For more of a decorative, less trafficked grass area we would suggest our Premium series synthetic grass. Our 3rd option is our Elite series synthetic grass, which is the middle ground combining the aesthetic sharpness of Premium with the soft usability of Pro. When you meet with an estimator they will bring samples of each series so you can see and feel the difference and make the right choice for your needs.

Artificial Grass Pro & Cons 

Artificial grass doesn't have a lot of cons. The main issue tends to be the price. Artificial grass can cost quite a bit, but in the long run it is more cost effective than real grass. Real grass takes real work, ongoing and season after season. There's the time or cost involved in cutting grass weekly, as well as lawn applications such as fertilizer, lime, weed treatment, and more. Artificial grass has a bit of an upfront cost but after that has minimal upkeep involved. The cost of artificial grass is also retained in your property value, which is not usually the case with a lawn that is struggling to grow or has not been immaculately maintained.

Another thing commonly heard regarding artificial grass is that it is bad for the environment. These days recycled material is often used to create artificial grass, and all artificial grass installed by Atkinson Landscaping is pet and people safe. Many over look the environmental costs of real grass as well. Water is in limited supply and restrictions are getting tighter almost every year. Since artificial grass requires no mowing or harsh chemical applications, there is far less environmental debt incurred over the long run.

The only other critique we hear is that artificial grass is synthetic, so not the real thing and not a natural look. This is a fair point. While true, we are finding it's becoming harder and harder to grow a lush and lasting lawn. As the climate changes and water restrictions become tighter in Summer, lawns are struggling. Grass is unable to grow and recover properly. Lawns and soils are being degraded by either getting too much sun, or too much rain. To make matters worse, grub infestations are taking over entire neighborhoods these days, effectively making grass security impossible. So when it comes to the aesthetics of a yard, we are increasingly finding people are more willing to give up the ideal of lush green grass. 

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

The price of artificial grass will vary due to a few factors. Many of our synthetic grass installations are under 500 square feet. Depending on the project, most installations will cost between $15 – $25 per square foot. Some of the factors that determine price are the following:

Excavation – Excavation is often an overlooked cost. Even a 15 x 15 (225sqft) area may require up to 50 wheel barrows of material that needs to be dug up, moved, and disposed of. If the existing material is a heavy hard packed clay, additional labour time or machine time will be needed to remove it. In cases where machine access is not possible then there may be labour increases

Access – While access is related to excavation costs it also is a factor for installation costs. Synthetic grass requires a 4-6-inch base of crushed gravel. Poor access will increase the labour time moving the materials in for the project.

Waste – Synthetic grass rolls come pre-made in 15-foot widths. Depending on the size and layout of the project there is often wasted materials leading to increased costs.

Artificial Grass Pricing Case Studies

Artificial Grass Installation:  Large Open Area with Few Cuts and Low Waste

This was a large area synthetic grass installation (approx. 800sqft). Access was moderate. Being in the backyard it still required a fair bit of material transportation, both during excavation as well as bringing in about 15 yards of base in preparation for the grass installation. Still, this was a very clean and simple install as far as the grass went. Very few cuts were needed and a lot of area was covered simply by using 3 large pieces of grass efficiently and without much scrap gone to waste.

PRICE: $12,583 ≈ $15.73/sqft

Artificial Grass Installation: Technical Areas with Many Cuts and High Waste

Contrast the previous example with this one. This project is half the area coming in at approx 500sqft (there is one other long thin piece installed that is not visible in this photo). Significant time was needed to cut in and level each stepping stone slab you see. This takes time as well as produces scrap grass waste. Similarly, the long thin pieces of grass must be cut from a 15ft stock width. In many cases, some or all of that excess width turns into scrap waste.   

PRICE: $9,912 (grass installation only ≈ $19.82/sqft)

*It is also worth to note that although these two project came in at similar budgets. The large open area project also uses a higher quality grass that cost about 25% more. This further supports the effect some factors have on price. 

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