1. Although we do not allow week to week cancellations, should there be an extenuating circumstance in which you need to cancel your service, please give us at least 24 hours notice so we have time to adjust our schedule. If we arrive to mow the grass and are unable to, there will be a 50% charge to cover our time getting to the property.
  2. If you choose to cancel with us during the slow growing summer months. There will be a one time mowing charge upon re entering our recurring schedule. The cost of a one time cut is outlined in your original quote. If you choose to alter the frequency of your mowing visits (change from weekly to bi-weekly) your cost will change as outlined in your original quote.
  3. During the Fall months, if there are too many leaves on the lawn for us to adequately mow, there will be an additional charge to remove them. This service is billed at an additional $20 per 15 minute period.
  4. We kindly ask that you clear your yard prior to our service. This includes removing toys, hoses, dog droppings etc... If you have any large objects on your lawn (Ex. Trampoline) and you would like that moved and cut under during service, please let us know as this is done at an additional charge.
  5. Occasionally unexpected circumstances prevent us from making it to you on your set day. Therefore, we ask for 1 day of wiggle room on your schedule. However, we try to limit the days where this is the case.