Garden Wall Pricing

Garden walls come in all shapes and sizes and can serve a few different purposes. We can custom build the perfect garden wall for your yard. Garden walls range from simple planter box type constructions large focal points that stand out and attract the eye. The primary function of a garden wall is usually to hold soil and provide the ideal conditions for planting but they are also a great addition to the aesthetics of an overall landscape design. 

Garden walls have become popular even in cases which a wall is not necessarily needed to hold soil in. Whether made of stone, wood and concrete, these walls can all supply the separation needed between grass and garden. Many people with an eye for detail may choose to include a garden wall in their vision simply for the color and texture it adds. Continue reading below for a general outline of the types of garden walls Atkinson Landscaping has been building around Surrey and Langley for years. 

If you're already well familiar with they type of wall you're looking for you can jump ahead and have a look at our pricing:

Stack Stone Garden Walls

Stack Stone garden walls are probably our most popular garden wall. The stones provide a rough yet finished look that brings a bold new look to plain looking yard. Stack Stone blocks come in a a few different colours and blended colours so you can create a more personalized look. Garden walls constructed with Stack Stone are perfect for either backyard private areas or used to bolster front yard curb appeal.

Help your gardens stand out and create separation between your landscaping elements. Many also use these type of Stack Stone blocks to line driveways with a garden border to prevent soil from spilling out onto the driveway or roadway.

Basalt Rock Garden Walls

Basalt rock garden walls are essentially broken pieces of basalt rock that are stacked on top of each other in a rough often staggered style. The basalt rocks come in a variety of sizes and offer a one of a kind construction. No two basalt walls look the same and they are the perfect garden wall for those who appreciate the rustic natural look. For added stability each basalt stone can be glued to the stone below it. 

Basalt is used for aesthetic reasons and does not offer a lot of support. Glueing them together will add some strength to the wall structure but these types of garden walls should not really be used to retain a lot of weight so they are generally a low wall. If you're looking for a wall higher than a foot or so then you will likely want to look more towards concrete products such as Stack Stone or Allan Block. Wooden garden walls and planter boxes can also provide much more strength but are obviously quite a different look than a rock/concrete based garden wall.

Wood Tie Garden Walls

Wood garden walls are a great alternative to stone or concrete products. Wood ties or 4x4s offer a softer and more natural look. If you enjoy the simplicity of wood then there are a huge amount of options that are available and at a fraction of the cost compared to stone or concrete products. Wood constructions can range from simple planter boxes and garden walls to full on large retention walls designed to hold huge amounts of weight. 

How long does a wood tie wall last? We construct all our wood walls with pressure treated wood so they will stand up to the elements long term. These walls will not last as long as something like an Allan Block wall but they offer a totally different look and can be stained and painted as well as easily replaced.

How Much Does a Garden Wall Cost?

Stack Stone garden wall installations typically cost between $25 - $30 per linear foot per row. There is a lot of variation in price depending on whether we are following the slope or stepping up, if the wall is curved or straight, and how difficult the excavation process is (sometimes there are a lot of roots near the edge of garden beds). As a simple rule, the same garden wall constructed using pressure treated 4x4s would cost about 40% less than one constructed with Stack Stone. ($15 - $18 per linear foot per row) For more details and pricing on woodworking projects make sure to check out our Woodworking Services page. 

Here are a few other more common things that can affect the cost of a garden wall:

Access – Garden walls require a base of crushed gravel plus the wall blocks. Poor access will increase the labour time moving the materials in for the project. Generally garden walls constructed ina backyard will cost more than those built in the front yard.

Base Course – The Base Course (bottom row) of the wall is the timeliest to install as it needs to be perfectly level to build on. If the base course is long in comparison to the height of the wall, the cost will be increased.

Pre Existing Condition – There is preparation work goes into creating the area where the wall will be constructed. Cost many reflect the amount of excavation and disposal needed and in many cases the demolition and removal of the previous wall that is being replaced.

Garden Wall Pricing Case Studies

Front Garden Bed Renovation

Here is a fairly straight forward front yard garden wall project using stack stone. If you swipe over in the photos you can see there was a previous wall we had to remove. This would have increased the price slightly due to the extra time as well as the dumping fees for a fair amount of rock. This wall was approximately 70 feet long and 3 rows high with a few curves but not many.

PRICE: $5852 (70ft length by 3 stones high) ≈ $27.86/ft/row)

Technical Wood Garden Wall 

This front yard garden area creation involved some interesting cuts to give it a curved appearance. The total perimeter length is approximately 40 ft with pieces high around most of the garden to keep it level. This 4x4 garden wall required 15 pieces of lumber. The excavation was straight forward. As far as wood garden walls goes this built is on the higher end of the budget due to the cuts involved. If this were a simple square box for example the cost would likely be about 25%. This is due to the extra time need in planning and measuring as well as the scrap wood that results from technical cutting.

PRICE: $2085.60 (40ft ≈ $17.38/ft/row )

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