Service FAQs

We have included the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Atkinson Landscaping and our services. Feel free to give us a shout or send us an email if you didn't find the information you're looking for!

What is Atkinson's service area?

Our general service area is outlined in the map below but depending on the service, we may be able to help out in areas such Tsawwassen, Delta, Maple Ridge, Fort Langley and Aldergrove. Please give our office a call 778 588 5088

What happens if I want more work done during a project?

Adding on to an existing project is made easy. Just let the Foreman on site know what you are looking to add on and they will create a work-video with the details. The foreman will send the work video into our office. The work will then be quoted on and you will receive an email with a project addition quote. 

The addition quote must be signed and accepted prior to the addition work being done. The foreman will let you know once the quote has been sent. We ask that you be available to accept this quote if the addition is time sensitive.

Generally for small additions we are able to fit it into the schedule to be completed alongside the current project underway. Larger additions create some scheduling issues behind the scenes so may be subject to a $300 scheduling fee it it must be completed alongside. For these larger additions, it is possible to avoid the scheduling fee if you allow Atkinson to schedule the work to be completed at a later date.

How do I get a landscaping quote?

Our office is open Monday-Friday 7am-5pm. The first step is to get in touch with our office by either phone, email, or online form. Click on your method of choice below:

Is there a minimum charge for a project?

Yes, due to scheduling restraints we have a minimum charge of $1450 + materials

Does Atkinson offer warranties on service?

Certainly! While we complete each job to a high standard we also want our customers to have peace of mind. We want you to know that if for some reason something was not done to a high standard, all you have to do is give us a call and we will definitely make that right! 

Please review our warranty information below to help make your decision to go with Atkinson easier.


What services do you offer

Atkinson offers landscaping services for ongoing maintenance as well as for landscape construction and installation project. We work for strata/commercial clients as well as residential. During the months from November - March we also provide snow removal and salting services for strata and commercial properties. Please have a closer look at our services and pricing below:


Do you treat for Chafer Beetle?

No, unfortunately we do not offer these services at the moment. While the demand is high, we prefer not to be in the pest control business. Also many products on the market have a less than great proven track record. We do not feel comfortable recommending any products at this time and as such we would be unable to stand behind our work.

Can you make my lawn look nicer?

This can be a very complex topic. We recommend doing some research online to confirm your yard area is suitable for growing healthy grass. One of the most common issue that prevents healthy grass growth is an abundance of shade. While steps can be taken to reduce moss and weeds it may not be reasonable to think an extremely healthy lawn can grow in a very shady areas.

There are plenty of other factors that contribute to lawn health some of which include: weed prevalence, foot traffic, sun damage, irrigation, pets, underlying soil quality, and general lawn maintenance.

If a lawn is in rough shape you should also expect it to take several seasons of dedicated and consistent work. Nice lawns generally do not occur naturally and without ongoing effort. In worst case scenarios if may be quicker and more cost effective to install sod or artificial turf. Please meet with one of our estimators to see what we could do to get you that nice green yard!