Who We Are

Atkinson Landscaping was founded in the fall of 2014 in Surrey, BC by friends Matt Atkinson and David Endacott. The company started with one truck solely focused on residential lawn mowing for friends and family members. The company now employees an amazing team of up to 30 people with a fleet of trucks offering many landscaping services. Through hard work and dedication, the company still continues to grow and progress from its humble beginnings.

Atkinson Landscaping focuses on offering an industry-leading customer experience. Upon first contact, it is our goal to have an estimator meet with you and provide a quote within 24 hours. Once the quote is approved, it is immediately scheduled into our system and a site manager is assigned to oversee it. If any questions arise while working with us, we have an office team in place to help!

atkinsonlandscaping first team photo 2014


Meet the Team

atkinson landscaping staff owner dave


Dave's been a valued member of our team since 2014. He loves working with the team at Atkinson to transform outdoor spaces. He is also passionate about developing and dialing in new skills of himself & the team. When he's not on the clock you can find him on the golf course or enjoying some dairy queen with friends.

atkinson landscaping staff owner matt


Matt is a member of the office team with a focus on the landscape maintenance side of the operation. Matt loves working alongside a dedicated and talented crew, and finds joy in the camaraderie and shared passion for creating breathtaking landscapes. When he's not busy transforming outdoor spaces, you'll likely find Matt exploring the local lakes on his boat or conquering nearby mountains on hikes. With his love for nature and adventure, Matt knows how to make the most of his spare time. If you ever spot him in the field or on an outdoor adventure, be sure to give him a friendly wave.

atkinson landscaping staff adam


Adam’s part of the office team. He has a background in business and joined Atkinson in 2021 to oversee the installation division. He values working with strong teams to help bring projects to life. Outside of work Adam's into photography and software design. In the wild, you can usually find him in the mountains.


Aiden joined our team this year as a member of our maintenance division. He loves to garden & help make residents as happy as possible with their outside spaces. After hours he enjoys watching baseball, football and being with his friends and family.

atkinson landscaping staff ben m


Ben works in our maintenance division. His interests outside of Atkinson are cars, sports and spending time with friends and family.

atkinson landscaping staff cody


Cody is one of our installation project managers and has been a part of Atkinson since 2017. His favourite part of working at Atkinson is working with his friends and helping our clients turn their visions into realities. He enjoys his time off the clock with his 3 dogs & 3 cats. When he can find time he also loves getting out on the course to play a round of golf.

atkinson landscaping staff dave


Dave works in the office with a primary focus on strata maintenance.. He has been working in the landscaping industry for over 10 years, but started with Atkinson in the fall of 2018, and has enjoyed learning new skills throughout that time. He is recently married and loves exploring the mountains, skateboarding, and going for long walks on the beach. 


Dawson has been with Atkinson since 2018 and currently apart of our maintenance division. He loves getting to work outside & be surrounded by nature & its always a bonus if there's a dog on site. When not on the clock you can find him playing any kind of sport.


Hunter has been a member of the team since 2016 and is currently one of our installation project managers. He loves the joyous victories shared with comrades during and after project completion. When he's not installing a new addition to your outdoor space you'll find him enjoying films with friends.


Isaac joined our Maintenance division early 2023. His favourite part of his work is that he gets to be active & move around and how satisfying cleaning a garden bed or mowing parallel lines is. In his spare time he enjoys creative writing & drawing in a sketchbook.

photo of profile outline with text under it that reads "coming soon"


photo of profile outline with text under it that reads "coming soon"


atkinsonlandscaping staff kaella in a blue atkinson hoodie against a wood background


Kaella works in our office, focusing on the background operations for Atkinson. She has worked for Atkinson since 2019 and is loving every minute of it! Her favorite parts of the job are the people she works with, seeing client’s dream landscaping projects come true and helping improve and grow the company. In her free time she enjoys spending time in the sun on the water and hanging out with friends.

atkinson landscaping staff mack


Mack works on installation projects as a team lead. He enjoys mowing large properties and making them look perfect! When Mack isn’t working, he plays rugby. One day, Mack hopes to travel the world!


Micah joined the Atkinson crew in 2022 after graduating high school and is now apart of our installation team. His favourite thing about work is how chill his coworkers are. A favourite past time of his is hitting the gym.

photo of profile outline with text under it that reads "coming soon"



Mike joined our team in fall 2023 as apart of our maintenance team. His favourite parts of the job are working outside with a great team & making clients ideas come to life. In his free time he enjoys golfing & watching sports, particularly the Canucks and the Seahawks.



Simon has been with Atkinson since March 2022 and is a member of our office team responsible for overseeing the maintenance division, with a particular focus on strata maintenance. His favourite part about working for Atkinson is building relationships with clients & working closely with a team of talented landscapers. Off the clock his favourite thing to do is spend quality time with his wife & kids.

atkinson landscaping staff steve


Steve joined Atkinson in 2020 and is a site manager for our maintenance division. His favourite thing about his work is maintaining the properties with his co-workers. Off the clock he enjoys hanging out with his grandkids & playing the occasional round of "very average" golf.


Steve's been a member of our maintenance team since November 2022! Now a Site Manager, Steve's favourite part of his job is working with a great crew & trimming hedges all kinds and sizes. Off the clock Steve enjoys spending time with his sons, wife & cats. Also reading a real paper book, playing guitar & soccer - Not at the same time.


Troy joined our team in 2022 and is a part of our maintenance team. His favourite part of the job is raking things up & the people he works with. In his spare time he enjoys playing video games!

atkinson landscaping staff trystan


Trystan Joined our team in 2021 and is a site manager for our maintenance division. He loves working with like minded people that take pride in their work & make the workplace enjoyable. After hours Trystan loves to downhill skateboard, snowboard and spending time with his family & friends.