Top 3 Winter Landscaping Services

Many homeowners delay their landscaping until the warmer Spring months. However, there can be advantages to doing some of the work during the winter. Two of the main benefits of winter landscaping are shorter wait times and more competitive pricing. It is common for companies to book out months in advance throughout the Spring and only weeks during the winter. Further, many companies offer more competitive pricing during the off season. Here are the 3 best winter landscaping services:


Tree pruning, and trimming, is not only recommended for the reasons listed above but because the late winter is also the correct time to prune for many plants. Pruning in the late winter can reduce the time it takes for the “wounds” from the pruning to heal. It is wise to book pruning jobs in during the winter to ensure the correct pruning window is not missed.

Deep Cleaning

In the winter there are often leaves and debris still left in the gardens from the fall and winter storms. It can be adventitious to capitalize on out of season pricing and have the beds cleaned during the winter. This also negates the risk of your landscaping being too busy to do it in the Spring. We recommend having a layer of mulch installed after the cleanup to help retain moisture for when the weather warms up and to reduce future weed growth.

Material Installations

We do many quotes for different material installations throughout the year. These vary from mulch installations in garden beds to gravel installations for parking areas to woodchip installations for playground areas. These are relatively simple projects to complete but companies can become too busy to get to them in the Spring or the cost to do it does not make economical sense. Therefore, we encourage clients to tackle these types of jobs during the off season to reduce both wait time and cost.


Pruning, Deep Cleaning, and Material installation are services we have found to be adventitious to do during the off season. However, we have completed many different types of projects in the winter months such as installing new lawns, synthetic grass, retaining walls, and patios. However, projects like these can be more susceptible to weather delays as some dry weather is required for a proper installation.

If you are looking to tackle a project this winter prior to the Spring rush, please give us a call or fill out the quote form on our website. We would love to work with you and will be transparent if it makes sense to do the project now or wait until the Spring!