3 Lawn Care Tips for Healthy Grass

Spring is approaching fast. It’s important to get started now in order to have healthy & green grass for the spring! Let’s get right to it, here are the 3 best spring lawn care tips for healthy grass:

Aeration (Poke Holes In It)

Aeration is a great first step for a healthy lawn. You will notice over the next couple weeks an inflow of students knocking at your door trying to sell a Spring aeration service. Aeration is an important aspect of your lawn care program as the holes allow oxygen and nutrients to circulate deep down through the roots.

Fertilize It

Grass typically starts to grow when the soil temperature reaches 10 degrees Celsius. It is smart to mirror this growth with an early Spring fertilizer. Fertilizer is made up of three common components, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These are the three numbers on the front of the bag. Nitrogen encourages growth and enriches the green color of the grass, phosphorus helps to develop a healthy root system, and potassium promotes an increase in overall resilience, especially in times of extreme heat and cold. We recommend a slow-release fertilizer to reduce the possibility of the lawn burning from the fertilizer.

Typically, in the lower mainland, soils are very acidic. This, coupled with poor drainage or high areas of shade, can lead to an increase in moss growth. A spring lime application will help balance the pH levels to create optimal conditions and reduce overall moss growth.

Consistently Cut It

An aspect of lawn care that is often overlooked is routine mowing. Many people fertilize and aerate but neglect regular lawn maintenance. Lawns like to be mowed regularly to an optimal height. Native grass types in the lower mainland typically like to be cut to around 2.5 inches. Cutting too short reduces vigor, allows space for weed growth, reduces root development, and promotes disease. Further, many people do not mow on a weekly basis leading to overgrowth. Removing more than 1/3rd of the grass blade while cutting can damage and thin the lawn over time. Therefore, regular mowing will remove this threat helping lead to a healthy lawn. We would love to take care of all aspects of your lawn care so please call us today or click the button below for a free quote!