Landscape Maintenance Pricing

At Atkinson Landscaping, we understand that one of the main client concerns is pricing. In our industry, it is rare for companies to be transparent about pricing, but we believe that by sharing cost information, we will earn the trust of our clients, employees, and the community we work in. We value trust, and we want our customers to be well informed to determine if Atkinson is the right company for them.

In saying that, we aren’t always the right company for everyone. We have standardized our pricing to ensure the cost behind our services is consistent and fair. We value creating a sustainable business that serves our clients and our community. From our client care to our attention to detail, we stand behind our pricing, work, and the value we offer.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing pricing has two large determinants. The size of the property and frequency of the cut. For a standard lot prices typically range between $48 to $80 a cut for weekly mowing with a minimum charge of $48 per cut. The price increases by approximately 50% for bi-weekly servicing.

If you would like a price for your property, give us a call or message us on the website and we will be happy to arrange a site visit to provide you with a quote!

Lawn Treatments

Lawn treatment packages include fertilizer applications, lime applications, aeration, weed control, and power raking! For the best pricing, we recommend signing up for an annual package based on your lawns needs. However, we do offer one time servicing as well.

For a standard lot size in our service area, we recommend budgeting $50-$70 for a fertilizer or lime application and $80 – $100 for an aeration or weed control application. The power raking requires a site visit as the cost will depend on the amount of moss and thatch in the lawn. Often, a moss killer is required prior to the power raking and an application of top soil and seed is needed afterward.

Property Clean Ups

Property cleanups range in price and services. A typical property cleanup includes the following service:

  1. Lawn mowing and fertilizer application 
  2. Leaf blowing of the walkways, driveways, and patios
  3. Cleaning of leaves, weeds, and other debris from the garden bed
  4. Pruning and trimming of any overgrown plants
  5. Mulch installation throughout the garden beds

Prices will vary depending on the services performed and the size of the property. A property will range from our minimum charge of $395 for a small property and can increase to $2,000 or more for a large cleanup. If you would like a quote, please contact us and we will arrange for one of our estimators to come view the property!